System Security

Bitmax and Gauge is among leading companies in cyber security consultation Companies in east and central Africa. We the rice in cyber related crimes due to increase in usage of technology in running of business, us as Bitmax we take the responsibility of providing solution (Staff Training, Security Analysis and Technical Support) to protect you from attacks.

Logistic Software

We provide logistic application which is secure and easier to used and Understand. (bit.LMS) is an application that manages all aspect of logistic management (Fleet management, workshop management, order management, Transport Management, Finance module). The application gives access to real time information to both transporter and their clients.

Digital Marketing

With the rice in use of technology especially social media where most people spend time on, the tradition method of advertising is becoming absolute. New method are emerging of using technology to reach to many potentials customers as possible. Digital marketing has become the easiest, fastest, guaranteed and cheaper method is advertising and creating awareness to potentials customers


Logistic applications

liveSite's Theme Preview Mode allows you to test your modified designs and new designs across your production pages so there is no need to maintain a development website! Imagine testing a new website design right on top of your current storefront so you know it will work before you flip the switch and make it live!

Cyber Security

Information Security

Information system security has become the modern thread to a business, which is causing business a lot when their information system is breached. Information system Threats keep on changing which new once emerging daily hence it important to ensure your information system to secure and you are update of the new threats.

System Audit

Bitmax and Gauge Tech we have certified and experience staff to guide your organization staff (staff/Administrators) on the ways to mitigate the threat. Through System audit organization get to know where they stand in terms of cyber security crime and the preparedness of the organization in case of threat. For More


Digital Marketing

liveSite is designed around data security from the ground up, so not only are your transactions encrypted, but your content and login transmissions are too.


And if you need reliable and fast liveSite hosting, we have developed our own server-level caching technology that optimizes liveSite software execution and database calls, resulting in super-fast performance. Check us out.

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