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Website Application

Web Applications help you develop a better relationship with your customers. Websites are now fundamental for businesses to leverage their online presence and create long lasting and mutually beneficial relationships with customers...
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Software development

You’ll be hard pressed to come across another digital marketing company with the technical and development capabilities that Bitmax offers. We take pride knowing that, as our marketing and user centered design teams come up with great designs...
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Logistics Operations

Bitmax has an efficient and well organized supply chain in East Africa. Through the Port of Mombasa (acting as the main port of operations), we distribute various products with-in the region, our main products of distribution include, bulky goods(electronics), containers and fuel. The company...
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Network Installation

The Internet of Everything connects people and processes data, making network connections more relevant and valuable than ever before. With the right hardware, software, consulting, and services; BIT information from bitmax can be turned into...
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Owner of Ziko High School

Bitmax came highly recommended to us as we searched for a company to build our school website. The recommendation was indeed an excellent one. The communication and the service provided has been outstanding. From the initial meeting where we were asked what we wanted (not what we could get) through to the detailed training session given on the usage, Bitmax has been efficient, patient and very professional. Cannot recommend highly enough.

Mary Wanjiku

Assistant Director at CHEZ Ltd

This is the company who did our new website. We have a payment gateway integration on our website. I can recommend this company

John Doe

Wedding photographer

It has been a real pleasure working with Bitmax on our new logo and website. We were in particular struck by the quality and speed of the service. It was also great to receive prompt and professional replies to each of our queries. The most attractive aspect of working with Bitmax, however, is its very reasonable price compared to similar service providers. We are looking forward to working with you in the future.

Kennedy Kingori

JKUBSA Financial Advisor

On behalf of Jommo Kenyatta Biostatistics Students Association and on my own behalf, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to you and your team for your help and most important for your High Degree of Professionalism. PUNCTUALITY is very important to you and Targets were always met on or most of the time before schedule date. With your help, this Website Project went smoothly and far beyond our expectations. Many Thanks.


  1. To be the number-ONE IT company to receive a Grammy award, as the youngest IT company in EAST-AFRICA which dominates EAST-AFRICA's 10% internet connection.

  2. To dominate EAST-AFRICA'S online market presence & be termed successful, because our customers are completely satisfied with the results of our work.


  1. We excel in delivering outstanding / world-class RESULTS. We exceed our customers' expectations every time.

  2. Our customers and partners can always trust us to conduct business with honesty and integrity.

  3. We are dependable and reliable in everything we do. We always deliver what we promise and we do it on time.


  1. Websites are made with in a period of upto one month, content of the website may be provided by the client or generated by us.

  2. Systems and Mobile Applications may take longer depending on their functionallty and purpose

  3. Website hosting only takes 30 minutes for the client to receive details regarding the hosting procedure, but one must first send us an email bitmax@gmail.com

  4. Logistics and Nextworking services will depend on the clients' specifications, but we responed immediately when we are notified that our services are required.

latest blog post

Amazing May! Last month was jamed with new features and app releases. This month more will be released.

Buyer's Personas and Why They Are Important to Your Website

What Is a Buyer Persona?

A buyer persona is a comprehensive representation of a user group's demographics, psychographics, needs and irritants. Personas are used in marketing to answer questions about your customers. They guide your marketing efforts in the right direction by providing clear and consistent frames of reference for everyone on your marketing team.

Why Use Personas?

To give you an analogy, authors who write for specific target audiences must know their market before they begin writing. For instance, they wouldn't write a mushy love story for an 8-year-old just as they wouldn't write a book about teddy bears for middle-aged men. You need to know the target market you are catering to before beginning the process of hiring us or redesigning a website.

Conduct A Competitive Analysis & Beat Your Competitors

Conducting a competitive analysis with bitmax is an important part of any business strategy because, without knowing how you rank against your competitors, it is impossible to know which competitors are your greatest threats, how to beat them or where you should focus your efforts. If you conduct a competitive analysis and use it to develop your strategy, you'll leap ahead of at least half of your competitors.

Because success is often determined by a companys ability to respond to changing market conditions, understanding your competitor's strengths and weaknesses is necessary to improving your competitive edge. If you don't do competitive analysis, or do not do it often enough, you risk falling behind the competition. Contact us today and do not fall behind.

New! Find the Best Keywords for Your Website

Not all sites are created equal in the eyes of Google. Some sites have a harder time ranking than others. You've probably heard the common advice to target low competition keywords. But the real question is , how low should yougo? The answer depends on your site's Competitive Power-a new metric by Bitmax that benchmarks the level of keyword competition your site can target with more confidence of getting results.

To find the best keywords for SEO that your site will actually be able to rank for, you must first understand your site's strength, a.k.a.your Competitive Power. Focusing your efforts on low competition keywords that are within your site's Competitive Power will save you time and effort on fruitless pursuits. In other words, you won't waste time creating content for keywords that are too competitive for you to rank for.